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Today is February 6, 2009.
As I work on my Paleolithic diet, here are some food groups i’m going to eliminate or minimize:

  • Pasta
  • Sugar (as low as possible)
  • Bread (cut intake in half)
  • Rice (cut intake in half)

I also want to MAXIMIZE or highly increase my intake of more fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fish. I don’t eat a lot of fresh fish here since MN isn’t exactly on a coast, but we do have fresh water fish.

My current workout routine is 3 lifts a week, 1 day of yoga, and 3+ days of cardio. Once the weather gets warmer (I got on my bike for the first time this year today!), my cardio will go WAY up as a function of my lifestyle. Speaking of which, the 10-day low is only 7 degrees–yea all you bastards not living in the cold suck .


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