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March update on my Diet:
I’m currently eating about 70/30 Paleo. I’d like to kick that up to around 90/10 Paleo. I have (almost entirely) eliminated eating the following food groups:

1. Milk – none; but some dairy ie-cheese
2. Pasta – none
3. Bread – minimal (I only eat bread when I lapse)
4. Legumes – I eat PB and occasionally beans in my chili.
5. Rice – none (virtually never eat any sushi rice)
6. sugar – minimized. I slip occasionally and eat a brownie.

My main problem areas are:
1. Eating free, non-primal, food at work.
2. Drinking excessively at times. I’m not so much worried about the alcohol consumption, it’s more about the poor food choices I make when I’m tipsy. I now have a battle plan to combat this [thanks SoG].
3. Although I’ve cleared my pantry of non-primal foods, I live with non-primal roommates. Lead me not into temptation.

Strategies / goals moving forward:
1. ALWAYS have primal snack food available at home…. ALWAYS.
2. Take along a primal snack (nuts, jerky, etc) when going out to drink. This way I don’t eat crap. Also have a full primal meal (aka-leftovers) at home for when I get back from the bars. Ideally, I won’t be drunk-munching, but BE PREPARED.
3. IF 1-2 times a week. This is for insulin control and mental clarity. I also plan to start tapering in April; IF-ing will be the main component of my tapering plan.
4. Get more long slow exercise. Try to go for a long hike or bike ride once a week.
5. Sprint work! This should be easier as the snow melts.
7. Cut sugar consumption drastically.


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