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90 min soccer game

bike/jump rope warm up
15 min AMRAP
2 power cleans (135#)
double unders (til end of minute)
score= double unders = 249

warm up – row
“Fat Fran” 15,12,9
Thrusters (135#)
Pullups (45 -switched to 25 after first 15)
work on clapping pullups 🙂

soccer game

yoga- standing series
Cleans: 155#x3, 185#x3,3 205#x3,2,2
met-con= 10,9,…,2,1 Push-jerk (135#)
8 pullups after each round = 11min

DL: 7,7,7,7,7 (275#x4, 225#x1)
Max dips between rounds (20–not a true max,20,15,10,15)
40 wall ball shots

don’t remember rest of the week


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